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Bryce Armstrong


Christina DuPlessis, Sales Consultant, David Weekley Homes

I have been a Sales Consultant with David Weekley Homes in Indianapolis for two years. When I found out that we offer Chaplain Services here for us at any time it made me love our company so much more. I was a part of the University of Louisville’s FCA program for 4 years and it made me think back to how special being a part of that is so special to me. When I met Chaplain Marcus Schrader a few years ago we instantly became friends. We visit on a monthly basis, and always pray for one another. Marcus has been there for me through personal and work accomplishments, the birth of my second child Brayden, Home Blessing Ceremonies for my homeowners, and much more! I am so blessed to be able to call Chaplain Marcus a friend and look forward to his new Chaplain agency opportunities!  I would strongly encourage any business to consider adding chaplain services to their company as one more benefit for their employees and in some cases for their customers as well.

I have been with a company called Defenders now for four years. With Marcus you can tell he is interested in you. He makes you feel like he genuinely cares. Marcus and I began speaking between phone calls with customers about everything. My family, friends, what hobbies I enjoyed doing, sports teams we liked, etc. He made me feel comfortable and we had plenty of discussions about spirituality over the years as well. Within the last year I have gotten engaged, purchased my first house, and had the best year of my working career. I attribute my successes obviously to hard work; however more so to the opportunities God has presented before me that I have taken advantage of. Without Chaplain Marcus there until I felt that real connection myself, I don't feel as though I would have made so many right decisions that open the door for more awesome opportunities because my mind wouldn't have been open to allow my eyes to see the opportunities God presented right in front of me. I highly recommend Chaplain Marcus to any person, group, or business for their Chaplain services. He is personable, friendly, intelligent, passionate, and the most important quality is he cares about you as a person. After every conversation with Chaplain Marcus you will feel empowered. Chaplain Marcus is the best person I have ever encountered on actually showing people even though he may not know you that he cares. If you, your group, or corporation wants a legitimate Chaplain agency run by a man who you can not only trust he knows what he is doing but believes it too you have found your Chaplain Agency.


Linda Christy​

Admin Support‑Coordinator

I am currently employed with Defenders where I met Chaplain Marcus.  I remember seeing him walking quietly through the cubicles saying "hello" and nodding his head to different employees. Chaplain Marcus eventually made it over to our group and I can truly say that ever since that day he has been a great Mentor, Friend and Spiritual Advisor and that was two years ago. Chaplain Marcus has assisted me with numerous prayer request, consistently praying for my three sons.  I love it when he says, “Praying right now,” because I know he’s doing just that. It means a lot to have an employer that not only cares about what I can give to the company, but what they can give back to me as an employee.  Chaplain Marcus as a part of our Team shows just how much my company cares and I am forever grateful. Whether it be a phone call, text message or tap on the shoulder, I have been personally enriched by his presence in our Workplace.


Ellie Lindhjem


I work at an apartment complex and have been able to extend the opportunity for chaplain services to our residents through Marcus Schrader and Malar Stewart. There is such a variety of circumstances our residents are going through at any given moment that it is comforting to know our residents can access Marcus or Malar when they need to. The relationship with Marcus and his chaplain services really adds value to the customer experience we are able to offer.


Nancy Short

Executive Director of the Ransburg YMCA

Chaplain Marcus Schrader has volunteered as a Chaplain at our Ransburg YMCA for many years.  He has also led a weekly Bible study as a volunteer for over a decade. He works well with our members and is a positive asset to our community.  He cares and connects with people of all ages. From experience, I would highly recommend him as a chaplain if you and your organization are seeking to add chaplain services.

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