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Church in Brazil


  • Availability: Our chaplains love the people and are available 24/7 to help your employees. With the availability of In-Person Care, this availability can be even higher impact than what is typically provided through many Employee Assistance Programs.

  • Personalized: We realize companies have different needs and resources so we offer a variety of plans and welcome your input in developing a chaplaincy care package that works for your business.​

    • Personalized Care: One key for Workplace Chaplains is that we seek to provide a diverse team of chaplains, including both a male and female chaplains, to meet then needs of all employees at the company we serve. 

    • Personalized Pricing: We also welcome developing custom packages for your business.

    • Personalized Reporting: We customize reports to help your team better understand the needs of your employees.

  • Personable

    • Our chaplains provide a ministry of presence and prayer.  We show up when people need a person to be there or to talk to.  We are on call for people to ask for prayer, encouragement, a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear.   Availability is the key and that is what a chaplain is, he or she is available to be there when needed.  We have heard that many employees are served by our chaplains just by knowing we are available even if they never engage with one personally.  Knowing that we care, we are available and that the company the employee works for cares about them enough to have chaplains on call is an added value that cannot be overlooked or unappreciated.

    • We respect your employees. Our services are there for anyone who desires it.  There could be employees that never engage with a chaplain and that is not a problem.​

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